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Name: Ed Ryhal
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Date: 14 Jun 14 04:23am
I had a great time. Darryl and Jimmy do a great job putting their hunters on bears. The cabins are very nice. There were 13 hunters the week we were there and we all had a chance to kill bears. 12 bears were killed when we left on Friday and the last hunter was still out hunting. I had a great time! I can't wait to go hunting with Darryl and Jimmy again!
Name: Stephane
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Date: 05 Jun 14 01:39am
Nous avons été acceuilli de facons cordial et le chalet #1 ou nous étions était tres propre, c'était notre premiere visite, tout les chalet ont été rénovés depuis que Mr Darryl a pris le site en main. malgré la mauvaise température, nous avons eu une semaine agréable et un service profesionnel. Nous vous suggérons les vent du sud de préférences en saisons tardive comme nous l'étions... Le plan d'eau est tres grand et un gps est recommander pour les gens qui y en sont a leur premiere visite... on a remarquer que le 20 hp était trop puissant pour la traine a la cuilliere. Prévoir une option pour latraine si vous ne posseder pas de bateau de peche
Name: Robert
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Date: 05 Jun 14 01:37am
Tres belle place beau chalet renové le monde est tres simpatique le poisson est de belle grosseur 2lbs et on a bien aimer et on y retourne c est certain
Name: Mike Shearer
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Date: 21 Jun 12 07:53am
had a great time with darryl and jim. Bear hunting was a exciting experience. cabins are great. killed bear second day going back again.6/3/2012
Name: Larry Gealy
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Date: 15 Feb 12 01:32am
Both Darryl and Jim treated us very well. I have hunted two hunting seasons with Camp Denis and shot my bear last year. The first hunt was just not meant to be, but the second year I saw and shot my bear the second day. Went fshing the rest of the time . The accomodation was first class and the food was great. I recommend them to anyone.
Name: Tom Stenger
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Date: 04 Dec 11 11:06am
We have been going to Camp Denis for over 30 years. There are hundreds of miles of shoreline to fish and we enjoy the remote, quiet solitude that hasn't changed in 30 years. Its not uncommon to leave camp in the morning to fish and see no other boats all day. Daryyl has done an absolutely beautiful job on remodeling the cabins and those that have been finished are stunning beautiful !
Name: Jeff Oaks
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Date: 30 Nov 11 09:54pm
Ive been going for 20 plus yrs. always enjoyed myself ive seen more improvements in the last year then ever new cabins are nice. I havent hunted bear but family has and they more than happy I think there hunts are around 100%. fishing is always good some years better than others the lake is large lots of room to be by yourself (bring gps its easy to get lost)Ill be there as long as im able
Name: Marc
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Date: 20 Sep 12 09:05pm
L Accuille est tres sympatique, on se sent chez -soi. Les camps sont propre et pres du rivage.La peche est bonne et le plan d eau est grand. Merci a tout nos nouveau amis du camp Denis . Felicitation a Darrel et Paulo....

A l anne prochaine
Name: Ron Simpson Sr
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Date: 02 Sep 12 08:02am
this was mine and my sons first bear hunt. camp denis is a great place to go. darryl and jim do a good job putting you on bears. i got my first bear at camp denis. i cant wait to go back next year.
Name: Ron Simpson
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Date: 31 Aug 12 01:36pm
This past June was the first bear hunt for my self and my father. We choose camp Dennis and it turned out to be a great hunt. Cabins r just like home and Darryl and his crew r great people. I highly recommend camp Dennis to everyone. And we r going back next June